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Gallery of Antisemitism – Example 19

Example 19: Blaming Jews (or Zionists) for the Holocaust

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If antisemites can blame Jews for all world ills, it follows that they can even blame Jews for causing the greatest disaster to their people – the Holocaust. Needless to say, there is no truth at all to this charge. However, different arguments and conspiracy theories have been applied in support of it.

We will discuss conspiracy theories about the Rothschild banking family in the Conspiracy section of this Gallery. Here, the Rothschilds are blamed for funding the fledgling Nazi party, and accused of making a profit out of the Holocaust.


We also cover David Icke’s grand conspiracy theories elsewhere. In his worldview, a small Jewish clique worked with non-Jews to create both world wars and the Russian Revolution and financed Hitler’s rise to power and rearmament. The Jewish clique was the ‘Illuminati’, a reptilian alien race promoting ‘Rothschild-Zionism’.

In the conspiracy theory propounded by Frances Leader, of which we select extracts below, it is claimed that the Rothschilds were Khazars, ‘bogus Jews’ (see The Khazar myth in the Erasure section), whose attempts to control German finance enraged Hitler, so that he was ‘misled’ into punishing the whole Jewish people as a result. He is therefore said to have put them into concentration camps in order to push them into wanting to go to Israel. The ultimate aim of the Khazar Zionists is a nuclear Armageddon survived only by Israeli Khazar Zionists in the bunkers. The conspiracy theory is indeed ‘mad as a box of frogs’, but the hatred of Jews here – described as the product of ‘1000 years of hatred and inbreeding’ – is unmistakeable. The more general belief, as summed up absurdly by Robin Scott, who is also a Holocaust minimiser, is that Jews always ‘cause trouble’, and that is why they were persecuted.



In the last example, Zionists specifically were portrayed as responsible for the Holocaust. This demonises Zionist Jews for betraying fellow-Jews, a kind of ‘divide and rule’. Another way of blaming Zionists is to state that they co-operated with Hitler in the Haavara Agreement – we will cover this in the Jews, Israel and Zionism section; this wrongly implies that German Zionists were somehow on an equal level of power with the Nazis, and therefore responsible for Nazi persecution. It has even been suggested that antisemitism itself was a ‘Zionist’ construct invented to scare people into leaving Europe for Israel, even though antisemitism obviously predates the foundation of the state of Israel. Zionists have also been accused of failing to rescue sufficient Jews from the Nazis. It has been said for example that the Board of Deputies ‘should apologise for responsibility for incalculable loss of Jewish life in the Holocaust’.


Following the Holocaust, Zionists outside Europe have been blamed for ‘not being there to help’ at the Holocaust – as if they could have helped – yet also for calling the victims ‘cowards’. Or alternatively, it is claimed that thousands of Jews claimed to have died in the Holocaust had in fact gone to Israel, and that Israel then unfairly demanded retribution (compensation from Germany) for them (#Hanif). Further, Zionists are seen as exploiting the Holocaust ‘story’ to justify the actions of the Israeli government, and by exaggerating the number of victims. (Roger Dudley)


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