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Gallery of Antisemitism – Example 27

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Jews, Israel and Zionism : Supporting Hamas, Hezbollah and other organizations which believe in killing Jews:

This is a more direct form of antisemitism, as Hamas are explicitly antisemitic and their spokespeople have often said that they do not envisage any Jews living in Palestine in the future. In the first example the line of the (now-defunct) International Socialist Organisation (US) and that of other organisations and people that defend Hamas, is that the Palestinians are in an impossible situation and that, basically, any form of resistance to occupation, even that which takes an explicitly racist form, is defensible and indeed worthy of support. As socialists who are desperate to see justice for the Palestinian people, we cannot possibly agree with this analysis or even begin to do so.

Most Israelis today were born in Israel and the answer to the oppression of Palestinians cannot possibly be the extermination or forcible deportation of the majority of a legally-constituted country’s population. To support Hamas or Hezbollah means literally to support the death or deportation of millions of people. It is of course perfectly possible, indeed highly desirable, to support the aspirations of the Palestinian people to have a fully independent and viable state without advocating the mass-killing of the population of a country. This of course includes Palestinians living in Gaza, albeit at present, unfortunately, their government is run by Hamas.

The article below omits any inconvenient facts about Hamas. Although Hamas made some changes to its founding charter in 2017, the revision ‘reasserted calls for armed resistance toward a “complete liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea.”’   Please note this is the International Socialist Association (US), not the British SWP (Socialist Workers Party).

This article describes Yvonne Ridley, the Respect candidate in the 2012 Rotherham bye-election, admitting to supporting Hamas)

This article expresses concern at a banner at the 2006 Stop The War coalition’s London march.

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