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Gallery of Antisemitism – Example 23

The Holocaust : Saying we have heard enough about the Holocaust

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The tweet below is hostile, suggesting that the world has heard enough about Jewish suffering, and asks ‘Does anyone think we have forgotten’? The fact is that the world has to a degree forgotten about the Holocaust. A 2020 survey of young people in the US showed that 63% of those surveyed did not know that 6 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, with over half of these thinking the death toll was fewer than 2 million. Nearly half of people surveyed could not name a single death camp. And a 2018 UK study of school students showed similarly over a third of the students ‘dramatically underestimated’ the number who died, and many blamed Hitler without having a broader understanding of Nazi ideology. Holocaust education continues to be important both to show what antisemitism may lead to, and to show how racism and fascism can lead to unimaginable evil.

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