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Gallery of Antisemitism: Example 13

Classic Antisemitism: Jewish responsibility for capitalism (or indeed communism):

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This form of antisemitism goes to the heart of Nazi ideology. To the Nazis, the Jews were responsible for all of the chief evils of the world. These evils included not only communism, the embodiment of everything Nazis hated, but its polar opposite, international capitalism, which they attacked in their attempts to gain support from past voters for Social Democratic and Communist parties (this of course did not did not prevent the Nazis from working extremely closely with leading capitalists). Both ‘evils’ were somehow the fault of the Jews.

Antisemites have often personified Jewish responsibility for capitalism, usually in the shape of the Rothschilds, with other prominent Jews including George Soros also invoked. The blaming of Jews substitutes racist scapegoating for any proper socialist analysis of capitalism. This propaganda, as described above, has mostly Nazi origins. It is correct that both some of the leading figures in Communist history, and some extremely successful figures in international capitalism, have been of either partially or entirely Jewish ethnicity, but of course there are innumerable exceptions to each. The idea that Jewish people are in some sort of cabal in which capitalism and communism are inextricably linked is patently absurd and without foundation, and yet this is one of the principal planks of Nazi ideology. This ideology has persisted through parties like the National Front (in its heyday of the middle to late 1970s) to today’s neo-Nazis such as National Action in Britain and Golden Dawn in Greece. Even those who believe in Nazi ideology (for example leading NF figures such as Martin Webster and John Tyndall who were previously active in explicitly Nazi parties) sometimes accept that such a hypothesis is very hard to believe for most people. This has led parties in the Nazi tradition to more recently tone down antisemitic rhetoric in favour of populist hatred of other ethnic minorities.

In this example, bizarrely, the Rothschild family are blamed for wanting to build a New World Order, via the 1814-15 Congress of Vienna, and then for actually doing so – a century later – via the Bolsheviks and the Russian Revolution.

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