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Gallery of Antisemitism: Example 11

Classic Antisemitism: The myth of ‘Jewish criminality’

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Michael Berkowitz published his book The Crime of My Very Existence: Nazism and the Myth of Jewish Criminality in 2007. As described there, Julius Streicher’s notorious children’s book The Poisonous Mushroom published in Nazi Germany in 1938 depicted, among other things, Jewish doctors wanting to rape German girls who went to their surgeries.

The first image below, concerning ‘clever’ Jewish criminality, is from an archive of Nazi propaganda. Nazi propaganda depicted Jews as rapists, fraudsters and other types of serious criminal.



The second example is also from an archive of Nazi propaganda, describing their disgusting racial theory of how Jews came to be, in their view, ‘racially unhealthy’ asocial ‘parasites’.


Below, Gilad Atzmon in this 2015 article points out that recent UK figures show that Jews are under-represented in the prison population – the original report in fact showed only 327 Jewish prisoners in total. However, he plays on the edge of other antisemitic tropes when he describes the ‘Zionist neo-con elite’ as over-represented in media, finance and political lobbying, groups he sees as contributing to immoral wars and ‘making our entire society into a criminal collective’. He also suggests that as Jews are liable to be ‘slightly more titillated’ maybe they should be exempt from laws against sexual offences – playing with the longstanding idea that Jews are more ‘fleshly’ and licentious. Even if these suggestions were made ‘tongue in cheek’, it is irresponsible of Atzmon – who is Jewish but has declared that ‘I hate the Jew in me’ – to voice these antisemitic ideas.

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