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Gallery of Antisemitism – Example 8

Classic Antisemitism: Jewish love of money:

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This tweet shows a Hamas leader comparing Trump to a Jew because of the Jews’ alleged love of money. This perception of Jewish people is centuries-old, and is more prevalent even today than some of us might like to think. Historically, Jews were forced to embark on careers in the financial sector, because land-owning and many trades were barred to them in many countries. Indeed, usury – lending money at interest – was forbidden to Christians in the Middle Ages, so became the province of Jews. Some naturally became wealthy, even household names. The success of certain people within the Jewish population was noted and gradually spread into a notion that Jews were particularly apt to love money, more so than other ethnic groups. This featured in Nazi propaganda and still does find a voice in the views of modern neo-Nazis, but it can also be found away from that side of politics.

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