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Gallery of Antisemitism – Example 7

Classic Antisemitism: Maliciously mocking Jewish teachings and traditions:

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We have been told of an instance when bullies constantly asked the only Jewish boy in the informant’s school year whether he was circumcised. Using pig metaphors to add a particular sting to an insult towards a Jewish person is another example. Most people would recognise these as forms of antisemitism. Sometimes this can even lapse into illegality, as when a man deliberately hung pig parts on his washing line to rile his Jewish next-door neighbour. Such examples are deliberate attempts to cause maximum offence and hurt, whereas some of the other forms of antisemitism illustrated here are sometimes due simply to lack of awareness. Nowadays, adult antisemites generally find more sophisticated forms of antisemitism to get around widespread revulsion at this very overt form of racism.

The examples given below are self-explanatory.

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