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Gallery of Antisemitism Example 4

Religious Antisemitism: Distortion of Jewish scripture – for example, claiming that the Talmud says that paedophilia is acceptable

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Some of this is outright lies, and some of it is based on a misunderstanding of what the Talmud actually is. There are actually two Talmuds, the Palestinian and Babylonian; the Babylonian is considered authoritative as it continued to be edited for several hundred years. The Talmud is made up of the oral law or Mishnah, and Rabbinic stories/midrashim. The bulk of the Talmud is discussions and interpretations by rabbis of the oral law. All of the discussions would be recorded, even if someone said something outlandish or raised a satirical or devil’s advocate type point; even if ten people agreed and one person disagreed, the minority opinion would be left in. The Talmud is hard to understand unless you are a rabbi who has studied it for years, and there are over 30 volumes.

For example, take the discussion about the rape of a three-year-old highlighted in the website extract below. First-century rabbis weren’t really ‘woke’, but all the discussion is saying is that, if a child that age were abused, she would still be considered a virgin for the purposes of later marriage (deemed very important in those days), i.e. she would not be stigmatised for being a victim of abuse. It is an antisemitic interpretation to suggest that rabbis were saying that the abuse was permissible. Note also the suggestion that modern ‘elite globalists’ (a codeword for Jews) are deeply involved in pornography and global sex-slavery

There are similar false claims that the Talmud permits Jews to steal from non-Jews, calls non-Jews ‘cattle’, and so on.

In this second example from 2020, Swedish neo-Nazis from the ‘Nordic Resistance Movement’ peddled blatantly antisemitic canards outside a synagogue, on Yom Kippur. The posters translate as follows, and clearly want to portray Jews as sexist, exceptionalist, but above all depraved child-abusers: ‘Blessed be you who has not made me a gentile who has not made me a woman and who has made me a Jew’; ‘Did you know? that all Jewish boys should be circumcised when they are eight days old and that then rabbis flock around the child to suck the blood from the penis’; and ‘According to the holiest scripture of the Jews, the Talmud allows Jews to have sex with children over the age of three’.

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