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Collection of labour member antisemitic social media posts

Examples of Labour members antisemitism.

We have collated here some examples of antisemitic social media posts by people who are (or appear to be) Labour Party members. We have done this because there are still people who insist that there is no antisemitism in the Labour Party, or who demand to see evidence of it.

In doing this, we are not suggesting that there is no antisemitism in other parties (there is). We are also not asserting that everyone who posts antisemitic material does so in the knowledge that it is antisemitic or is motivated by hatred of Jews. 

But as socialists and Labour supporters, we are concerned to rid Labour of this poison, and in the first place to encourage members to accept that it exists and is a genuine problem.
Asa Winstanley is now a suspended member

A few posts from Robin Scott who was very upset to have been accused by the Labour party of antisemitism so resigned in protest: 
Doctor Fred is a Labour supporter (member?) who things Jews have a duel loyalty.  Classic antisemitic trope.
The charmer who posted this is a member of Darlington CLP.

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